An Introduction Into “The Reptilian Conspiracy”

By Kinninigan Zin-Uru

You may or may not be familiar with the “Reptilian Conspiracy” so in this post I will go over the basics. As with any research you do, you should keep an open mind. After watching hundreds of hours of videos, and countless hours more reading and debating the subject, I will share the theories I find most plausible, as well as some of my own. In any good research, the all basics most be covered, something that some tend to not do so well. And as taught to many in the early years of school a simple formula can be followed to achieve that:




Reptilian shapeshifters, as many have come to call them are also known from the star system they originate from, known as Alpha-Draconis. (Draconis is Latin for “Dragon”). I prefer to call them Alpha-Draconians for that reason. Many people believe these creatures are reptiles, but that is far from the case. They actually resemble birds more then they do lizards. It is only the theories peddled by modern researchers which call then “scaled reptiles”, while in all ancient cultures these creatures were referred to as “serpents”. (Serpent is rooted from the Latin words “ser-pins” which means “a snake with a heightened sense of intelligence”)

Some of this disinformation is to discredit the theory, and some people are just misinformed.

The Alpha-Draco that rule behind the shadows of this planet have been called many names by many people. Some know them as the “Illuminati of Zion”, some people may just refer to them as “The Fallen Angels That Serve Lucifer in Hell”, and in Atlantis Thoth referred to them as “The Dark Lords of Illusion”. (The Lords of Illusion also explains the modern term Illuminati, since the word itself is rooted from the phrase “Illusion of the mind”.) That is because the shapeshifting is an Illusion, and not biological in nature, as with an octopus for example, which can perform shapeshifting as well. Alpha-Draco can consume the DNA of creatures and reconfigure atoms (matter) in to a living breathing holographic illusion, like appearing as a human.

They are a parasitic species, and as most parasites, are very frail and weak compared to their hosts they prey on. Very far from the apex reptile predators some may perceive them as. This weapon of shapeshifting is what makes them so dangerous to us, as we never know which humans are actually reptilian shapeshifters.

But common sense tells us it would be the same “powers that be” that control the wars, debt, and suffering on this planet, as most of it is non-human in nature. In any system also where “slaves” are used, as in humans being created and being used to mine gold for the “god”s in ancient times, the slaves would need to be stronger then the race they are working for, or they would mine it themselves. We still use this theory on humans today, one can only wonder where the elitists would learn that from. The iconic weak frail old filthy rich banker guarded by his their stronger security. But in reality the reptilians are nothing more then the iconic “wizard of oz” behind the curtain, making them seem bigger and more fearsome then they really are.

Think about our closet cousin the chimpanzee, pound for pound they are alot stronger then us. That is a very good example of the strength of humans in contrast to Alpha-Draconians. But if you were a human who could appear as a chimpanzee in front of them, you could walk among them. You could then use your human knowledge to make you seem like a “god” to them.

This is why shapeshifting is such a deadly weapon for an invasive alien species, and how Alpha-Draconians can take over entire civilizations easily. They also control this planet through the many secret societies and black magic cults around this planet to carry out their agendas, and attain “human sacrifices” for their sinister “blood magic”. This is why all agencies and institutions ruled by reptilians have black magic symbols in their logos.

Here in America we also use the eagle’s head as our national symbol, its only because its the closet thing to a reptilian’s head they can use and get away with. Eagles are not “noble” birds, they are deadly predators, and their heads resemble the beaked “bird-like” Draco. In the middle east this symbol is replaced by the falcons head, and the in the far east the dragon.


What the Alpha-Draconians really are in the balance of the universe and their true agenda is up for debate. Also of interest is how many other civilizations are under control of the Draco, and how much across the universe does their influence reach.

I suspect if this is the case then the “Dark Lords of Illusion” or “Illuminati” are nothing more then a military type command post for the Alpha-Draco. I have come to believe as well the word “LORD” really means ‘Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon”, taking their orders from the “ascended masters” or commanders. The sole purpose of this order is to create an unbalanced negative impact on us humans, feeding off the negative energy it provides. They are “energy” parasites, and a popular ancient myth of the “vampire” suites them well.

They could also like here on Earth keep entire civilizations from ever becoming advanced enough to ever become a threat to the Alpha-Draconians. Proof of this would be the downhill turn we took here on Earth after Thoth built the pyramids, as well as other ancient wonders. We now build our homes and structures with cheap building materials and execution unlike the perfect stone structures we have left behind from a much more “advanced” ancient cultures. There is proof everywhere now of a devolving human civilization.

To get a better idea of what they may look like I made this very popular video showing their true appearance. I will be making a part two of this video soon to maybe a voice over or better story boards, it was one of my earlier videos, and I acquired better title software since then.

My video “The Reptilian Alpha-Draconians True Appearance”


Where the reptilians are at any given time is another topic that stirs up alot of speculation. I, as others believe, think they are 4th dimensional beings, who dwell in the dimension where conscious thought occurs. Some may refer this to this as the dimension as where we can travel too when are pineal glands or 3rd eyes are activated, as it would explain why black magicians activate the 3rd eye for opening portals for entities to travel through, known in the occult as the “left and right hand paths”.

In the book “The 3 Pillars of Zen” there are entities known to zen monks as makyo, ma means “devil”, kyo means “the objective world”. They appear in the realm the mind is in during zazen, or deep meditative state following a certain breathing and counting pattern. These visions try to steer people off the middle path of “enlightenment” to the left and right hand paths of “illumination”. Buddha was aware of at least 50 of these entities himself, as per his own teachings. I believe myself these are also the forces behind “occult magic”, and these same entities control humans through “magic powers” in various cults.

Thoth also speaks against “blood magic” in the Emerald Tablets, as it opens portals for these inter-dimensional creatures. This would explain why all major religions do not teach us to meditate and activate our pineal glands, but yet to be servants of god with nothing more then faith. Ancient texts however teach there are no “gods”, just universal consciousness, or a “god mind”..and that body is just a vehicle for the soul, which will reincarnate in another life.

This is what meant earlier about our civilization “devolving”, as enlightened humans seem to be a threat to the Alpha-Draco. Just take a look around at society, can the “dumbing down” get any worse? Show me one person who can build something like the great pyramid today and I’ll retract that statement. And any pyramid built today would have a corporate sponsor written on it. Yet in mid-evil times we had great structures built by humans known as castles, another lost art form of building.

I believe these kings and royals behind these castles are the reptilian Illuminati. And in Egypt they were the pharaohs, and other ancient civilization the various worshiped leaders. Today they are your presidents and religious leaders..still fortified and “untouchable” by most humans. That is “where” they are pretty much. While we servants live in our mud huts in their “order through chaos”.

bohemian-grove-owl-statue-moloch-babylon-mesopotamia-satanic-ritual-boat-lake-illuminati-2011-new-world-order-george-bush-clinton-obama The infamous statue of Molech at The Bohemian Grove. Molech is one the reptilian Illuminati himself, as they take idols of birds to represent them. The “Cremation of Care” ritual, dating back thousands of years, requires the sacrifice of human children to “wash away the sins of the elite” each year. The elite claim the ritual is more of a entertainment type event and only paper machete dolls are burned for public consumption. What I find most interesting is also is that this statue sits near a source of water, a requirement according to occult rituals to open inter-dimensional portals.


When the Alpha-Draco invaded this planet is a subject only one can speculate on. There are however a few well known theories on when this happened. But these theories also depend on which version of the true history of our planet and human creation you also believe. I will briefly go over some on the main theories, as each is a subject of study in itself, involving many factors and ancient evidence.

The most well known theory on reptilians is that of the Anunnaki of ancient Babylon. This involves reptilians coming from a planet known as Nibiru that takes a 6,600 year orbit around our solar system, and came to planet Earth, known as Tiamat to the Anunnaki. They found a humanoid species on this planet known in modern times as Neanderthals and mixed their DNA with the Anunnaki to create modern man as a slave race to mine gold, a resource they needed for their own survival. They created us differently (races of humans) in what in known as the 42 tribes of Israel in what became modern man.

To this day gold is still hoarded off planet for the Anunnaki and humans are given paper currency in exchange to cover up this operation. Every 6,000 years or so the Anunnaki return for the mined gold with the arrival of planet Nibiru.

Another, but more accepted theory, is that the reptilians I others speak off are only a metaphor between good and evil of the universe. Reptilians are really the demons of underworld, serving Lucifer. This would mean the biblical story of God and Lucifer was the start of their reign, and the whole reptilian conspiracy is an allegory of the serpent nature of evil within man. The fallen angels would be the Illuminati in this case, and the parts of this story can be found in most modern religions.

The last theory I will touch on is the one I most convinced of. The Alpha-Draco first invaded this planet many thousands of years ago when the planet was known as Maldek, and a civilization existed known as Atlantis.

The Atlanteans lived on the infamous island colony, away from other continents at the time known as Lemuria, Mu, and Hyperborea. There were multiple races of beings coexisting on the planet at the time, as well as huge animals on the main land masses known to most in modern times as dinosaurs. After the Atlanteans discovered how to unveil the shapeshifting reptilians after infiltrating the political class, the Alpha-Draco hurled the ice comet known as planet Venus in the solar system and destroyed the planet. This is where the modern theory of what killed off the dinosaurs and the destruction of Atlantis comes from.

Each of these theories I will go over in more details at a later time, as they are alot of parts of each story too large to cover now. I also believe that each offers clues to the whole truth of the subject, and each has evidence to support them, but each theory also has parts that don’t add up. This is why the subject has been an ongoing learning experience for me, its alot to absorb and comprehend.

zzzz anunnaki1The Anunnaki of ancient Babylon. This is what Alpha-Draco most resemble. The pine cone is the symbol of the 3rd eye or pineal gland, the bucket of water is the symbol the reptilians gave us humans life.


Why the Alpha-Draco are here to me is for their own survival as a civilization. The idea that they only came here for gold and resources may sound plausible, but why would it take so long to get the resources and leave. Controlling an entire planet is not an easy task, and their is no doubt gold can be attained other ways in the universe.

Some species are most likely able to create large amounts of gold with advanced chemistry techniques, so genetic manipulation of an entire species to mine it over thousands of years seems like a lost cause and waste of time. They would have taken the gold and left the planet or killed us off by now.

What does seem to be a good motive is the reptilians preventing advanced species in the universe developing to the level of being a threat to them. It seems Atlantis would have been a good reason for them to invade, as they were much more advanced then modern humans. Reptilians also found ways to “feed” off the negative energy they created on the planet after Atlantis was destroyed.

Evidence of much more enlightened ancient cultures are all around us, so they are holding humans back of our full potential, spiritually and technology. However it appears today the billions of humans are becoming to hard to control, and where the NWO conspiracy of depopulation starts. Advanced higher level beings may also be working behind the scenes as well, helping humans in unseen ways.

Many people claim to meet divine beings in meditation and spiritual journeys that warn against the evil upon man created by these creatures. There may also be other species helping the reptilians, even of their own creation, known as some as “Archons” or the iconic alien grey to help control the growing human populations. Most people abducted by UFO’s and in occult summoning rituals claim to encounter these creatures.

Well that is my brief introduction into the reptilian conspiracy for now…and more will be covered in future posts.

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