“Call me Lillibet” (Vanity Reptilian Queen Elizabeth)

In honor of the Queens 90’th birthday…



Published on Sep 12, 2015

I was probably at the castle a lot because I was running a few things

Very proud of my rule on Earth

I am not trying to diminish that accomplishment

The last few years of planning the New World Order is about my life

And what I am as a reptilian

When I am in the human form of Queen Elizabeth

It is not about the fan fare

And people cheering at stadiums

It is not about going down the streets and people saying I love you your majesty

This is about my true reptilian form and life

Queen Elizabeth always had to tell a lie

She is always living that lie

Everyday she always has a secret from morning till night

Lillibet does not have any secrets

And as soon as the New World Order is established

Lillibet is free



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