Dragons are the Beauty, Humans are the Beast (666 Decoded)

by Kinninigan Zin-Uru


And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”
Revelation 13 – King James Bible


Many are already aware of the book of revelation. It speaks of dragons, beasts, the anti-christ. The final war of good vrs evil is played out is what is known as the battle of “armageddon” or the end times. This story is also told through many beliefs, and transcends further then just being a Christian based story. One example of this would be the Viking story of Ragnorak. And both of these stories involve DRAGONS.

But dragons are mythical creatures? Or so it may seem. Dragon is rooted from the word latin “Draco”. We also have the Alpha-Draco star system. And if you are a follower of my work and the reptilian conspiracy, you known that draco also means “reptilians”. But another piece to this puzzle is the BEAST. After I reveal my theory on what the beast is, you may rethink the Book of Revelation. You may also rethink the real occult meaning of what 666 really means as well.

To understand what I am about to theorize in this article lets first go over how the bible can be translated. Traditional religious beliefs of the bible can be explained by what is known as faith. Researchers of the occult have another outlook. The most well known researcher of the Illuminati and astro-theology Jordan Maxwell teaches us that the entire new testament is an also an allegorical metaphor of the zodiac. That being another topic in itself, I only suggest you research his work yourself. However, what I will touch on in this interpretation of the bible is also based around chemistry.

And when you understand that the bible can also be studied with faith, astro-theology, and science, a whole new story begins to emerge.

666 Decoded

This is the atomic number of the element carbon. Humans are carbon based life forms. As seen in the pic, carbon contains 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons.

According to the bible 666 is the number of the beast. When we apply science and chemistry to this we see that number is also the atomic weight of the element carbon. Humans are carbon based lifeforms. Hence we are the beast. But who views us as the beast? The dragons…or the reptilians.

In magick it is common practice to take a symbol or word, reverse it, and make it your own. The Nazis did this with the swastika. When you reverse 666 you get the same number. In modern times this number is directly connected with Luciferianism and evil. And it should be viewed as such.

The Alpha-Draconians who created us knew what carbon is thousand of years before we humans did. They also are masters of genetics and science. Just as some humans may view some lower intelligence animals as beasts, the ones who created us view us as beasts. The reptilians view their form to be more “god-like” then ours because reptilian DNA is more stable and unchanged over time then mammalian DNA, which constantly evolves. So now you begin to see the real meaning of 666 and the beast relationship.

The dragons take the form of the beasts

What I believe reptilians to actually look like. They consider themselves the “beauty” compared to humans.
We humans are considered to be the “beasts” compared to the reptilians, or dragons.

Now that I have shown what the dragon, the beast, and 666 really mean from an occult perspective, lets now decode the meaning of the Book of Revelations quote at the top of this article.

Reptilian shapesifters have been taking human forms on this planet for thousands of years, and who really knows for how long throughout the cosmos. They consider the human form they take to be beasts. For reptilians see themselves as the beauty.

In the quote from the bible it says “they will worship the dragon, and unleash upon themselves the beast”. This will be a reptilian shapeshifter meant to deceive the world, the false prophet or anti-christ. That is why even after taking human forms for thousands of years, this “dragon” in the form of the “beast” will be special from the other shapeshifters throughout history.

It is this anti-christ form of a reptilian shapeshifter that will begin Armageddon. The main goal of this end times event is simple: Kill off 90% of the worlds population and make the others 10% survive take the “Mark of the Beast” (some theorize this mark may be RFID chips). They will then no longer need to put on the facade of appearing as humans, and the reptilians will rule again in their true forms. Just as they did in Babylon. The New World Order will then be here. And the world will then follow the full doctrine of Lucifer.

The reason for this is simple. The human population is becoming to big to control for them. Their only way to stop this will be to burn the earth to the ground, rise like the phoenix from the ashes, and rebuild it in their image. Just like “gods”.

To help them control earth this time they will also be using advanced AI technology, with direct access to the RFID chip implanted in you. Everything you do will be watched and controlled by the “all seeing eye” of the Illuminati. Resistance will be futile.

Under the Babylon pagan rule of the reptilians expect human sacrifices, sodomy, black magick, and the most evil aspects of this worship to become a reality on earth. Hell will become a living breathing reality.

So this is my interpretation of 666, the dragons, and the beast. Lets just hope we humans can unite and stop this before it happens.

The thing we need to do first is identify who the anti-christ will be, and to make people aware of this invasive parasitic alien presence plaguing mankind. Then maybe we can stop armageddon from ever happening. We can then start to rebuild the world in our image.

The human image.


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