FAMILY THEATER: UFO (1954 Radio Show)

Published on Jul 22, 2016

This historical radio show was used in the 1950’s for the government to decide how the population could deal with UFO/Alien disclosure and what effects it would have on religion.


Date of Broadcast: 10.13.1954

Synopsis: An early religion-based program that takes a look at the possibility of contact with a flying saucer and its occupants from a religious point of view. Historically important recording, as it refers to actual events, such as the Washington National Airport case of UFOs over the Capitol two years earlier and Air Technical Intelligence of the USAF. This recording also showed that the USAF and the government position was wrong, in declaring that disclosure to the public would cause mass panic and harm all religions.

More then likely a program like this was produced and studied by the CIA itself. It also proves the government had knowledge of UFO/Aliens in the as far back as the 1950’s.
A portent of the reality to come…




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