KINNINIGAN: The Word Reptilians Cannot Say

Published on Nov 23, 2015

In this video I explain the origins of my name KINNINIGAN and how it exposes shapeshifting reptilians. Alot is covered in the video, as well as 2 readings I will do from both the Emerald tablets of Thoth and a book about Atlantis and the tablets by Dr. Doreal. This video is broken down as follows:

00:006:20 Introduction and my reptilian research
06:2009:50 First Reading from the Emerald Tablet explaining reptilians and how a word was used to expose them.
09:5412:56 Second Reading from the book Dr. Doreal wrote about Atlantis and what the word was that exposes reptilians.
13:0220:00 Conclusion and what my reptilian research holds for the future and what can be expected on my channel and future audio/video lectures on reptilians.

Links from the readings:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth…

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean (Novel By Dr. Doreal)…

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