Reptilian Shapeshifter Barack Obama

This is a series of videos I had made with reptilian shapeshifter Barack Obama. I am sure more videos will follow in the future…

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Obama & His Reptilian Brain (The It Began In Africa Kenya’ Dig It Mix)

Published on Dec 6, 2014

Obama says we must fight against the Reptilian side of our brains.








Demon Spotted During Obama Trip to Kenya (Slowed Down Video)

Published on Aug 9, 2015

A demon was reported to be seen on camera during Obamas recent trip to Kenya.

So I had to check this out for myself. I also slowed the video down to better see what it is. And its not a fly, the object is too grey.

So what do you think it is? Please comment…









Barack Obama Antichrist Anomalies

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Is Barack Obama the Antichrist? I have put together some anomalies to maybe confirm this theory…








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