Strange Alien Creature Photobombs Girls Pic…

Published on Jul 3, 2016

A recent pic went viral on a Swedish website. It claims an alien type creature appeared in a girls pic while swimming in a lake. What do you think it is?

Mysterious Sea Creature: (Swedish to English translation)

They have summer vacation and went to Meadow Holm bath in Täby, north of Stockholm on Wednesday for swimming.

A few days later – on Christmas Eve – it emerged that they had been alone at the pier in the lake when Isabelle, 14,
would post a picture on Instagram.

“They were so close”

The picture shows her friends Nova, 14, and Ebba, 15 in the water.

– When I write text to the image I saw that it was something other than just those, says Isabelle.

Between Nova and Ebba seen namely, a mysterious figure.

– I was terrified, says Isabelle.

The friends reacted in the same manner.

– They think it’s really scary, they were so close too, it’s uncomfortable.

Alien or dog?

Reactions from others who have seen the picture has been the same. The picture also raises many questions,
for what it really is showing itself in the water between Nova and Ebba is highly uncertain.

Isabelle myself think that it is reminiscent of a leopard because one can discern what is likely to be an eye.

– And it has spots, but what it really is, I have no idea.

Other guesses: An alien, one of the girls one foot, a ferret, a mill, a stone, a beaver, an otter and a Labrador.

Isabelle would rather just know exactly what it is about whether there is anything harmless,
but sent on Sunday in the photo to Aftonbladet to the riddle may be solved.

– I thought it was rather strange and wanted to share with me.


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