The Dragon and Serpent-Gods of Ancient Mythology

Published on Jun 14, 2016

In this documentary I will go over some history and legends of our ancient serpent-gods. Proof of reptilian influence on all cultures is something that we can no longer ignore.

In this video you will see some compelling evidence from all around the world…

The video is broken down into 7 chapters:

Chapter 1: The Seraph of the Old Testament
Chapter 2: Serpent-Gods in the Indus Valley Civilization
Chapter 3: The Nagas, The Serpent Race of Ancient India
Chapter 4: The Hindu Epics about the Serpent-Gods
Chapter 5: Serpent-Gods or Dragons in Chinese History
Chapter 6: The Serpent as both Good and Evil in Ancient Egypt
Chapter 7: Serpent-Gods in American and African Mythology

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