The “EAGLE” Decoded (Reptilian Symbolism in Government)

Published on Jan 3, 2017

In this video I will decode the meaning of one of the most prominent symbols of freedom in the US Government, the American “EAGLE”.

The “EAGLE” symbol was also used by Imperial Rome and in modern times by the NAZIS…

Using the “occult power of three” I will break down the word and show how two ancient Sumerian reptilian deities, Enki and Enlil, are encoded into this word, along with another occult symbol.

I will also explain why avian symbols like the eagle and others are used by goverments, and how all show their allegiance to Babylon, or the NWO.

When we start to learn of the symbols used by the reptilian elite in our government institutions, we can then start to win the overall war.

We live in a world of symbols…

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