The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean (Complete Reading)

Published on Aug 8, 2016

Complete reading of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean, by Kinninigan.

There is also no commentary and these are read straight through in one sitting…

The video is in the following chapters:

Preface and Introduction to the Emerald Tablets by Dr. Doreal
Tablet I – The History of Thoth, the Atlantean
Tablet II – The Halls of Amenti
Tablet III – The Key of Wisdom
Tablet IV – The Space Born
Tablet V – The Dweller of Unal
Tablet VI – The Key of Magic
Tablet VII – The Seven Lords
Tablet VIII – The Key of Mysteries
Tablet IX – The Key of Freedom of Space
Tablet X – The Key of Time
Tablet XI – The Key of Above and Below
Tablet XII – The Law of Cause and Effect and Key of Prophecy
Tablet XIII – The Keys of Life and Death
Tablet XIV – Atlantis
Tablet XV – Secret of Secrets

Link to the tablets:…

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