The Lacerta Files Reptilian Interviews (Voice Acted)



This is a voice acted reading the the famous “Lacerta Files” of contact made by a human reporter with an ancient female reptilian species native to Earth.

I will do a follow up video and commentary to this video also:)

Thanks again to “Canalave Maiden” for helping me with this project!






The “Lacerta Files” Reading Commentary & Conspiracy Topics Chat

Published on Sep 26, 2016

Canalave Maiden & Kinninigan talk on Skype about the “Lacerta Files” reading we recently done and our thoughts on different conspiracy topics.

We also touch on other conspiracy subjects during the show such as dinosaur anatomy, internet trolling, the occult, the zodiac, alien races, ancient history, orgonite, the “Youtube Heros” plan to destroy conspiracy channels, and a few other interesting subjects…









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